アイデアをかたちにして“あなた”を喜ばそう インターマン(株)代表 上田平 重樹

Our story begins in 1991, in Kagoshima, the south of Japan.We have taken over the pioneer spirits ever since our beginning.The name “ Interman” comes from the idea of linking person to person and creating new idea and value. Our aim is, “making office work even more pleasant for our network of 30,000 clients firms.

In 2008, my goal has become clear.The answer was guided during several session with my responsible professor in the university. The prof severely kept asking me what I really want to do.Thus I decided to look back to my original spirit and review a foundation of the company which is based deep on my soul.It should be committed to make “you” happier. We always looking for the way how we could realize our ideas, while we are trying to find full of joys and excitement for everyone we involve.

The Bodyphon has been born out of this concept and history.After nearly 7 years of trials, tribulation, and mock-up workings, the product is now ready to see the bright light of the world.

The Bodyphon is now bringing you the quietude of deep forest and a richness of sound quality that you can feel with your full five senses.

We hope you to feel our philosophy of social values with this product.It would be our great honor and joy, if you give our Bodyphon a try.

Company Profile

Company name

Interman Corporation

  Official Site

Canse Bldg.6F,
Chuou-cho 10, Kagoshima-shi, Kagoshima,
890-0053, Japan


Shibadaimon 1-10-18, Minato-ku, Tokyo,
105-0012, Japan



Doshoumachi 4-7-1-4F,Chuou-ku, Osaka,
541-0045, Japan


Nagamachi 1-1-6-2F,Taihaku-ku, Sendai,
982-0011, Japan

Establishment April 1st of 1991
Capital ¥ 55.000.000
Representative President and Representative Director SHIGEKI UETABIRA
Business overview ◎Contribution to the productivity enhancement and making office work comfortable.
◎Contribution to “Enriched” and “Peaceful” life.
◎Creation and propagation of business based on science technology.
Customers Providing services to over 30.000 companies throughout the country including Governmental offices, Universities and private companies.



Hustler Wanted !

「Bodyphon」 provides a comfortable sound field.-Mobile phone Booth

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Body phon「Type of application」


Launch of business with a focus on sales! 1)Sales 2)Marketing 3) Business development



1.Someone who has motivation and ability regardless of academic background / experience / nationality. 2.Interman's vision can be achieved on the understanding of Core Purpose and Core Value or using one’s potential to be implemented.
3.Be able to share the values based on the core values.